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To send a fax through GreenFax's email-to-fax service, simply compose an email message as per the following instructions. Refer to the screenshot below as an example.

IMPORTANT: Email-to-fax jobs must be sent from a registered email address on your GreenFax account.
  1. Address the email to For example, to send a fax to (202)456-2461 you would address the email to For faxes to US/Canadian destinations, be sure to precede the 10 digit fax number with the digit 1. For international faxes, precede the fax number with 011 followed by the country code.
  2. Enter your GreenFax send code in the subject field. This send code is used to authenticate your email-to-fax job. Your send code should not be the same as the password used to login to your GreenFax account.
  3. Attach one or more documents to be faxed and/or enter text in the body of the email message. GreenFax supports documents and files in the following formats:
    Adobe PDF
    Microsoft Word (doc, docx)
    Microsoft Excel (xls, xlsx)
    Rich Text Format (rtf)
    Text (txt)
    GIF Image (gif)
    JPEG Image (jpeg, jpg)
    PNG Image (png)
    Tagged Image File Format (tiff, tif)
    You may also include plain or formatted text in the body of the email. If included, this text will appear on first page of the fax. To send a fax consisting of text only, you may simply type the text message in the body of the email without attaching a document.
  4. Click Send.

GreenFax will attempt to send the fax, and you will receive a status notice from GreenFax by email after the fax has been sent, indicating whether the transmission was successful or not.

Notes: Email-to-fax jobs are limited to 100 pages in length, 9 email attachments, and 10MB in total size.

Optional Subject Line Parameters
You may specify a 'job code' associated with your fax, for billing or reference purposes. This job code will appear on the confirmation or failure notice returned, and will appear on outbound fax logs.

You may set the sender id on an individual fax basis. Setting this option overrides the sender id specified in the account preferences of the account.

The syntax for setting one or both of these options is:
Subject: sendcode=xxxxx jobcode=yyyyy sender=zzzzz

Web Fax
To send a fax from the GreenFax web site, simply login to your account at the web site, then click 'Send Fax', and follow the ensuing instructions.

Recommendations For Preparing Documents
If sending scanned documents - for best results, we recommend scanning your documents in black-and-white (not color or grayscale) at 200 dpi resolution. These parameters are standard for fax protocol, and will produce the best results when faxed. These settings will also result in smaller file sizes and shorter transmission times.

Monitoring the Status of Faxes in Progress and Viewing Results of Completed Faxes
You can monitor fax jobs in progress and view logs of faxes that you have sent by logging into your account at the GreenFax web site.

You can also configure options for sending faxes in the 'Account Preferences' area your account. Here, you can add/change/remove the registered email addresses on your account, change your send code, and change your sender id (which will appear in the upper margin header of faxes that you send through GreenFax).

Web Access to Faxes
GreenFax stores images of the faxes that you've sent through GreenFax for as long as you are customer of GreenFax. To access faxes that you have sent, login to your account at the GreenFax web site, then click 'Outbound Faxes Sent'.
Note: Lifetime storage applies to faxes sent after February 28, 2013.

Sending Faxes From Wireless Devices
Faxes can be sent through GreenFax from any internet-enabled smart phone or wireless device using GreenFax's web-fax or email-to-fax services.

Sending Faxes Securely
Standard unencrypted email is inherently insecure, and therefore it is possible for email-to-fax messages to be intercepted in route through the internet from your mail server to our network.

For this reason, our mail servers are configured to use Transport Layer Security (TLS). If the mail server that handles your outgoing mail supports TLS as well, then email-to-fax messages will be encrypted as the are sent through the internet from your mail server to our network.

Users can also send faxes securely using our Web-Fax method (above). Using this method, documents to be faxed are uploaded to our network through a secure (https) SSL connection between your web browser and our web servers.

Integration and API Methods
GreenFax provides web service API's for developers to use for integrating their application with GreenFax's outbound fax service. Please see our integration guide for more info.

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